Welcome students, faculty, friends, and family! We welcome you to partake in the VISIBLE – Personalize your own eye chart station. This station allows individuals to create their own personalize two-dimensional eye charts that completes the following “I AM” and “I AM NOT” statements. With the aid of the VISIBLE ALPHABET (copyighted) and 3d glasses that will be available at the on-site exhibition, you will be able to decipher the completed eye charts much more clearly.

Optotypes, also known as eye charts, will reflect the unbiased and biased descriptions that you have personally encountered as an individual.

Results are at your discretion, but if you would like to share with us, please feel free to reach out – 



The following questions will be asked below. Please complete the following before we can generate your personalized eye chart. You will receive your personalized eye chart briefly to the email you've provided in the Google Form. Your responses will NOT be used for any type of research nor analysis, and your statements will NOT be linked to you by name in the work we are creating. The statements will only be utilized to create a social practice art piece for display at our VISIBLE exhibition.

Optotype Eye Chart

VISIBLE – Personalized Optotype

App Prototype | Coming Soon

The developed app will allow users to download and access the VISIBLE ALPHABET as a generated font keyboard. Users will be able to input statements and automatically generate a personalized optotype. Users will be able to share, save, print, and access their optotype virtually. 

Programmed by Cailey de Leon

Developer support: RJ Ramney, Andy Pho, David Sullivan

VISIBLE ALPHABET, designed by Susan Shimazu and Sunny Lee