VISIBLE - seeing beyond bias

Exhibited April 3 – June 16, 2023

Pollak Library 2nd Floor Terrace

Terrace Hours for Uncurated Viewing:

7am – midnight

7am – 5pm

Sat & Sun:
9am – 5pm

VISIBLE explores new ways of seeing both visually and interpersonally. Shown on the Pollak Library Second Floor Terrace, it was a polylogue on identity, stereotypes, and empathy to challenge your ways of seeing yourself and others.

The exhibition used lenticular works to illustrate and illuminate artists’ self-concepts and anaglyphs to visualize the impact of and response to hate incidents in Orange and Los Angeles County.

In addition, a digital interface allowed guests to participate in making art with us to create a collage that makes VISIBLE the multiplicity of identities and individuals that compose Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Producers & Curators:

Nicole Yang Illustration

Susan Y. Shimazu Research and Social Practice

Contributing Works:

Illustration students in the CSUF Art Department under Nicole Yang, and Research Methods students from the CSUF Psychology Department under Susan Y. Shimazu.

All fonts and image copyrights are held by artists.


Illustration Curation:

Nicole Yang

Student Artists:

Aaron-John Narido
Adrian Africa
Alberto Gonzalez
Ally Fodness
Andrew Gomez
Ari Williams
Ash Cruz
Brie Lam
Caitlin Potter
Caleb Kwok
Charlie Nwoye
Chezzie Genin
Christine Do
Dani Vargas
Daniel Kendrick
Dare Sayhber
Desteny Cifuentes
Eileen Karely-Zambrano
Eiloh Virgo
Elisa Smith
Esperanza J. Gomez
Faith Randolph
Georgia Carias
Jacinta Philip
Jason Luu
Jason Noj
Jason Southa
Jocelyn Vazquez
Jesse Tinoco
John Moguel
Judy Wen
Kailey McCune
Kamryn Grotness
Karla Herrera
Katie Lee
Lemy Luu
Leonel Guajardo
Mark Cerda
Peggie Sayors
Pedro Maradiaga
Serena Naranjo
Shaya Fite-Rothwell
Stefanie Rico
Sydney Carroll
Tomasa Meza
Viane Londoño-Ariza
Vivian Vo
Yasmine Lee
Zaiya Matejcek


Logo Design:

Nicole Yang

Lenticular Production and Design:
Nicole Yang
Exhibit Program Coordination:

Trish Campbell and Student Assistants


Nicole Yang, Susan Y. Shimazu, William Le, Fanxi Zeng, Jessica Ogihara, George Chang, Aiyana Reyes, Alexis Cervantes, Sunny Lee, Carlos de las Alas, Danielle Du, Cailey de Leon

Illustration Production:
Nicole Yang

Digital Print Services


Nicole Yang, Ethan Javonillo, and John Montoya


John Montoya

Hors d’ouvers Coordination:

Nicole Yang

Research and Social Practice Curation:

Susan Y. Shimazu

Student Researchers:

Avalon Morgan
Crystal Nguyen
Desiree Rivera
Jose Malagon-Hernandez
Mayah Kabbara
Mia Eng
Nancy Tecpoyotl
Nicole Lam
Roberto Fernandez
Sheila Macedo
Monique Rodriguez

Teaching and Research Assistants:

Aiyana Reyes
Alexis Cervantes
Carlos de las Alas
Celeste Cruz
Danica Framel
Danielle Du
Fanxi Zeng
George Chang
Jessica Ogihara
Rachel Michelson
Sunny Lee
William Le


Font Design and Production:

Susan Y. Shimazu

Font Type Creation:

Sunny Lee

Eye Chart Design and Production:

Susan Y. Shimazu, Jessica Ogihara, Alexis Cervantes, William Le, Sunny Lee

Map Design:

Sunny Lee

Programming Eye Chart Application:

Cailey de Leon

Space Design:

George Chang, Carlos de las Alas, Cailey de Leon, Sunny Lee, Ortelia software

PR Design:

Cailey de Leon and Sunny Lee

Video Design and Editing:

Ethan Javonillo, Dann Chen

Sound Recording and Interviewing:

Aiyana Reyes, Alexis Cervantes, Carlos de las Alas, Danica Framel, Sunny Lee, Danielle Du, Susan Y. Shimazu

Webpage Design and Setup:

RJ Ramey

Webpage Content Management:

William Le, George Chang, Carlos de las Alas

QR code setup:

Fanxi Zeng

Makerspace Coordination:

Kellie Lanham-Friedman and Student Assistants

“Along the Way” via Mannequin Vanity Records
Catering Coordination:

Carlos de las Alas

Artist Card Design:

Alexis Cervantes, Penny Liang, George Chan

Special Acknowledgments

Andrew Mellon Foundation
Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium Grant


The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

DEFCon Principal Investigators:
Dr. Jamila Moore-Pewu
Dr. Marjorie Brown-Coronel