Crystal Nguyen

Headshot of Crystal Nguyen

Hate Crime Research – Los Angeles

Crystal responds:

What is something people might not know about your when they first meet you?

A lot of people expect me to speak Vietnamese since I have a common Vietnamese lastname, however I can only understand about 30% of the language. I also enjoy listening totrue crime podcasts when I’m driving, despite my fear of becoming a victim of thesecrimes. I believe it is important to be well informed on current events, as well as crimerates to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What made you select this particular article?

I selected this article because it is relatively close to where I live, and it felt morepersonal since the victim was Asian. I also wanted to shed light on this event because Ifeel a lot of people don’t know about it, so I believe it showcases how Asian hate crimeshave spiked since the pandemic

What might be missing from the story that would be important for readers to know?

I think the article should focus more on the perpetrators and their motives. It would beinformative if we knew whether the victim was targeted or if he was a victim ofopportunity. I think it would also help to know how the perpetrators could commit such aheinous act at a young age, and how they could commit this crime, especially being partof a minority group as well.

Share a little bit about your empathy towards the victim or victims family.

I feel great empathy for the victim and his family. His family was probably proud of thevictim for attending a prestigious school in California and felt a sense of security that hewould be in a culturally diverse area. No one expects to become a victim of such asenseless act, and I cannot imagine the grief his family is experiencing. I also feel greatempathy for the victim because he was simply minding his own business and walkinghome after a study session. I also admire his strength for going home after the attack, butthen I feel sadness that he passed unknowingly. He probably wanted to get some rest sohe could feel better in the morning, however he unfortunately passed due to his injuries.