Desiree Rivera

Headshot of Desiree

Hate Crime Research – Santa Ana

Desiree responds:

What is something people might not know about your when they first meet you?

Something people may not know about me is that Spanish was my first language. I lost it in Elementary due to the need to excel in academic English, but regained it in high school.

What made you select this particular article?

I felt inclined to pick this article because the life of immigrant farm workers is something that I believe a lot of Mexican-Americans are aware of. My grandpa and his family have been farm workers so I tend to show concern for farm workers. 

What might be missing from the story that would be important for readers to know?

Something that may be missing is a more detailed account of what occurred to the perpetrators after the incident. As someone who feels for the victims and their families, I believe a detailed account of what happened after the incident would have concluded the article well.

Share a little bit about your empathy towards the victim or victims family.

Growing up within an immigrant, Hispanic family has lead to me feeling deeply for those of my community through a shared struggle. I felt like the victims were people I have an understanding of despite never truly knowing them.