Brie Lam 

Working on Project Visible has led me to really think about how people view me, which was an interesting process because I don’t think many people (me included) like to think about how we are perceived. My concept is based off of how people have seen me on a superficial level, so I focused on how being Asian has come with different preconceptions. I feel that stereotypes can often attempt to dictate how my personality, attitude, beliefs, and interests are assumed based off of my race. With the rise of Asian influence in pop culture, Asians are fetishized and sought after by those who see them as whatever they want to believe. I’ve experienced this on multiple occasions, and it’s a little astonishing to witness how other people view my existence. I would like to be seen as someone who is multi-faceted, and not just be categorized by my individual attributes. In the end, I think it’s critical to think outside of what we are socialized to believe in order to grow as people and as a society.