Alexis Cervantes

I am family oriented, I am not quiet

Alexis responds:

What are some challenges that you feel students of color might face at CSUF?

I believe that most students of color are first-generation college students, so compared to continuing-generation college students, they may feel as if they are far behind. They didn’t have the resources or guidance that others had, so they have to navigate this whole new life themselves. They may feel like they had some regrets when looking back on it since they believe they could’ve done some things sooner. I have some regrets, along with others that I have talked to. 

 If you were to complete the statement “I am not” how would you complete this statement and what is important to you for others to know. 

I am not quiet. What I mean by this is that many people stereotype Hispanic women as staying in the house and doing household chores while providing for their family in this way. They typically have to listen to their husband and know their place, but I don’t see myself like this. I feel like my parents were able to give me the support I needed to speak up for myself and stand up. I have become more confident in myself, and I now feel like I can stand up for other people. 

If you were to complete the statement “I am” how would you complete this statement and what is important for others to know about you?

I am family oriented. I have a really big family. I have three brothers and three sisters, and while it may get chaotic at times, I really love them. They may get loud and annoying, but they have been there to support me since the beginning. I feel like they have continued to encourage me to do what I want. 

In your work as Undergraduate Course Assistants, as you’ve reviewed the students work what things you learned from either the research, the narratives or the illustrations? What are you inspired to do as a result?

I think one of the things that stood out to me was that many of the students were passionate about the articles they chose. Many of them mentioned that because this happened to people in their community, they feel like they may become a target as well. Some of these instances have occurred to people their age, making it all seem even more real.