Fanxi Zeng

I am fancy, I am not anxious

Fanxi responds:

What are some challenges that you feel students of color might face at CSUF?

Throughout the educational path, I did not experience any issues that might be related to colors. Since I was an Undergraduate Course Assistant for a few semesters, I heard many arguments and sources about colors. That news (or maybe conflicts) from others made me feel that they have been offended, biased, and stereotyped. People should be treated differently by their colors and backgrounds.

 If you were to complete the statement “I am not” how would you complete this statement and what is important to you for others to know. 

I am not anxious. Anxiety is an element that existed all the time during my college life. I am the first generation to go to university in the United States, and my parents had no experience with how the university works in the United States. They mentally supported me throughout my life, which is amazing. I did not want to let myself down, and I tried my best in everything around me, which brought me much stress. I am grateful that I met many supportive people, and they always encouraged me in my university life. Therefore, I am not anxious.

If you were to complete the statement “I am” how would you complete this statement and what is important for others to know about you?

I am Fancy. The pronunciation of my name sounds like the word “fancy.” People notice my name quickly, and it makes me feel unique among people. Even though I could not adapt to what people called me when I moved to the United States, it sounds different from how it is pronounced in Chinese. Later in college, I noticed when people heard my name was “fancy,” they were surprised by the spelling and pronunciation of my name. 

In your work as Undergraduate Course Assistants, as you’ve reviewed the students work what things you learned from either the research, the narratives or the illustrations? What are you inspired to do as a result?

Students who participated in the project provided many detailed thoughts or perspectives on their topics. They did an excellent job on their research, the narratives, and the illustrations. Each student has their own story that they want to share and is very influential. They inspired me to explore more research about various topics and consider the issues from different perspectives.