Cut from the Cloth

Mark Cerda

This project really made me deep dive back into the memories that I’ve moved on from long ago, which was a bit of a struggle especially since I am the type of person that prefers to leave shit in the past and look forward to my future instead. My concept for this piece was to represent the stereotypes I have faced and also what many people view me as at first impression. I really wanted the scythe to be a main symbol of my artwork because of how easy it is for people to cut you from a “cloth” of any particular stereotype. Talking about a time where I felt “unseen” would be pretty lengthy but to keep it short, there were always rumors about my sexuality and people have often made me feel uncomfortable with micro aggression “compliments” in the past about it. In that regard, I would like to be seen without any expectations or standards upon first impression. I always try to apply that when I meet others and I hope that society as a whole could be more inclusive from that mindset if they adapted it as well.