Cachanilla En Sí

Eileen Zambrano

People often assume that I’m not very competent when they first meet me. It surprises them to see how readily I can direct a room or discuss complex subjects. Working on this project feels important. It made me really think about how I present myself to others and how I perceive myself despite that. My concept primarily focuses on my identity as a Mexican immigrant. People often see immigrants as a waste of resources, or a threat. Mexican people especially are judged like this no matter what our status is. We aren’t expected to go far. In high school, I was discouraged from pursuing university, cautioned of falling short by teachers and students alike. It feels like the entire world has given up on you, being constantly told to aim low. I’m not a waste of resources, an idiot, or a threat. I don’t need to tangibly prove my material worth in order to deserve to exist. I just want to live my life like everybody else does without this specter of judgment hanging over me.