Damaged Property

Eiloh Virgo

Something that people never see about me is my compassion and desire to support and uplift others. As a masculine, and specifically transmasculine person I tend to be viewed only through the negatives of traditional masculinity. I’m often viewed as rude, individualistic, and dangerous. My masculinity is seen as dangerous to both my body and the bodies of others. I am excited to work on this project. I’ve done art centered on the trans body, but not on the social perception of presentation. My drawing focuses on the view of masculinity when embodied by an AFAB transgender person. It’s a unique layered experience of misogynistic gender reinforcement and perceived alignment with the patriarchy. When I was first coming into my masculinity as a teenager, I was often cast out and harassed in locker rooms under the notion that I was a danger to the women around me. I would like to be seen as a whole person, with my love of art and passion for social justice and nonhierarchical organizing.