Mia Eng

Headshot of Mia Eng

Hate Crime Research – Fullerton

Mia responds:

What is something people might not know about your when they first meet you?

When people first meet me, they might not guess that I am a caregiver for those with developmental disorders. I work with a variety of families in the Orange County area, and I love to provide quality care that includes creative play, homework help, and supervised time outdoors.

What made you select this particular article?

As for my article, I chose this one in particular because I am Asian American and wanted to read something that I could possibly identify with. I also wanted to find an article that addressed Asian American women specifically to examine the role of gender in empathy.

What might be missing from the story that would be important for readers to know?

The article did not mention the victims’ names, which does not provide a foundation to research if anything like this has happened to them in the past. We don’t know if they have experienced this type of violence before, or any type of hatred based on their race.

Share a little bit about your empathy towards the victim or victims family.

Whether this is a new or just another occurrence of hate in their lives, I feel deep empathy for the victims. I believe the behaviors that the perpetrator exhibited against the victims were shameful and should not be tolerated. The woman probably felt terrified for both her and her son, who especially should not have experienced this violence at the young age of 6. I hope that they were able to quickly recover from the situation, because I know that this could have easily been my father and younger brothers instead.