Monique Rodriguez

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Hate Crime – Costa Mesa

Monique responds:

What is something people might not know about your when they first meet you?

I am the oldest of all my siblings so a lot of the time I’m a little too tense because I want everything to turn out well. I am also a first-generation chicana so a lot of what I am doing to build my life is new to my family and me.

What made you select this particular article?

I chose this article because as a Hispanic woman, a lot of discrimination occurs in society and isn’t acknowledged. This also hit close to home because of the stories behind what it’s like being a working Hispanic woman in a male-dominated world.

What might be missing from the story that would be important for readers to know?

It is important to understand what the mural meant to this specific group of women. The reason why this is important is because of how the women have fought for the balance of well-being of the Latinx community.

Share a little bit about your empathy towards the victim or victims family.

I was able to understand why it has been difficult having a tribute then it being vandalized because someone doesn’t fully understand the whole story. A lot of times murals are painted out of respect and once that is vandalized with oppressive slander can make someone feel vulnerable.