Sydney circa Senior Year

Sydney Carroll

In light of a very emotional past five months for me, these portraits made me look introspectively at how my attitude during this time has negatively impacted how others might view me. I focused on how social I’m perceived to be, by myself and by others. In the portrait that reflects me, I am surrounded by things that define me, and I am being “photographed” by my best friend. In the portrait not representative of me, the room is stripped of all its previous personalities, just like how someone who doesn’t know me would assume me to be. I drew upon my experiences being told that I can come off as unfriendly or antisocial. However, I know that I am not unfriendly, and if anyone is to know anything about me, I want them to understand at the very least that I am kind, with the same kind of complexities as anyone else if you get to know them.