See You Next Tuesday

Viane Londoño-Ariza

There are a lot of assumptions that people make about me. Like that I grew up in a beach paradise because I’m from Costa Rica. Actually, like the majority of Costa Ricans, I grew up within a concrete jungle and running to catch the city bus. I used to be able to run very fast, I was a very athletic kid. I think the worst assumption that I get is that I’m somehow easy to offend and thus not worth the time to engage with. That acknowledging me and my cane is somehow offensive; to them? To me? I don’t know, but it bothers me. I don’t like being invisible. I’ve spent too much time hiding in the past. I’m lucky I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I am proud to be seen. I love loud fashion. Weird makeup. My glow up resin cane. I enjoy making a statement to those who think that disabled people are what mainstream media shows. I am more.