Sunny Lee

I am a social worker, I am not naturally smart

Sunny responds:

What are some challenges that you feel students of color might face at CSUF?

Students of color might face subtle discriminatory remarks. Having most staff and faculty who are not people of color can be intimidating especially if a student of color faced discrimination in the past.

 If you were to complete the statement “I am not” how would you complete this statement and what is important to you for others to know. 

I am not naturally smart. Koreans and Asians in general are not all in STEM or “crazy rich.” Even positive stereotypes are damaging when they deny a person’s unique qualities. 

If you were to complete the statement “I am” how would you complete this statement and what is important for others to know about you?

I am a social worker. I’ve always been into psychology, writing, and social justice. People are allowed to have their unique interests.

In your work as Undergraduate Course Assistants, as you’ve reviewed the students work what things you learned from either the research, the narratives or the illustrations? What are you inspired to do as a result?

I learned how multi-talented and resilient students are! One shared she had recovered from a tumor and another is a lifelong dancer. I’m inspired because I’m interested in possibly getting into higher education later, and I want to get to know students outside their academic identities rather than seeing them as having a single story.